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Our firm provides the personal attention you’d expect from a small law office, in addition to the expertise and resources of a huge law firm.We cover a variety of legal cases such as car and motorcycle collisions, slide and falls, injury malpractice, and construction site injuries.

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Family separation, couple divorcing, relocating to a new place, fitting into your new workplace, or coping with societal commitments and many more aspects of life can unground us.

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Real estate attorneys assist their clients with everything from preventing foreclosure to fighting an eviction.


A personal injury attorney can help you file a claim if you are injured by another party or defend against a plaintiff’s claim.


A tax lawyer might enable a customer negotiate a payment plan for overdue tax duties.


Our professionalism and friendly approach has made Xamth One Nature a trusted advisor to a number of Las Vegas’ most diverse clients.

Our private clients benefit from the experience of our friendly and approachable attorneys, who make even the most complicated legal matters simple to comprehend.

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Top 5 Law Schools in the World

Top 5 Law Schools in the World

There are many Law Schools in the world, and you have a lot of programs to choose.  But if you are specific about studying a specific course or type of law, then you need to pick out the Schools that offer the course and also provide you with the opportunity to secure an excellent job in that field. When you study at a bigger school, you get the opportunity to meet diverse students and learn many things.

Top 5 Law Schools in the World

The following are some of the best law schools in the world:

Harvard University:

Harvard is one of the most recognised law schools in the world. The university has an incredible number of resources and degrees. Harvard helps you to focus on the course that you have chosen and take up specific extracurricular activities that are related to that particular class. Harvard is also a huge place, and thus it has a large student body; this means that you get to meet lot students from various backgrounds with the same interests. There are many courses provided at the School, and thus you have a wide option to choose your class.

University of Oxford:

Oxford teaches law in the form of seminars, lectures and tutorials and thus students have a closer connection with the professors. Students with law background can choose the Bachelor of Civil Law (BCL) degree while the students without law background can choose Magister Juris (MJur) degree. You don’t have to be a law graduate to do a Masters in Law. Oxford gives you the opportunity to get a major in Law even if you don’t have a background in Law.

University of Cambridge:

The University of Cambridge has a Master of Laws (LLM) program which is designed for anyone who has an interest in understanding law. It is a one year course, and it has four papers. You also have the option of taking general classes where you can take any number of courses in the legal field. However, obtaining the LLM degree will not be enough for you to practise law in the United States.

Yale University:

Yale provides you with a top-notch education. You are guaranteed to get a job if you are alumni of Yale University. The acceptance rate in the University is about 9.7%, and there are approximately 650 students in the campus. The law program is for three years, and the tuition cost is roughly USD 247,806 for three years.

Stanford University:

Stanford University focuses on its students collaborating with each other than independent learning. There is a fierce classroom competition, and thus the students are put in a position where they have to work as a team. You will be able to see that everyone will look out for each other and professors will be keen on making you succeed. You can pick out your own degree and also create your own joint at the university.  The program is for three years, and the tuition fee is about USD 277,866.



Everything you need to know before becoming a Lawyer

Everything you need to know before becoming a Lawyer

Before you start practising as a lawyer, there are specific steps you need to take. You will have first to complete your undergraduate and graduate degree programs then you need to go through the licensing process. Before you take up this profession, you need to ask yourself why you are choosing this profession and if you are willing to put yourself through years of studying law.

Everything you need to know before becoming a Lawyer

If you are sure that you want to become a lawyer the following are some of the guidelines to help you begin your career:

Bachelor’s degree program:

You need to have a bachelor’s degree to get admitted to a law school. You can come from any background and area of study. You can do an undergraduate program in law, but you can also choose political science, English, business philosophy, economics etc.

Law School Admission Test (LSAT):

After completing your undergraduate degree, you need to focus on clearing the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). Getting good scores in LSAT is one of the main components of the law school admission process. The schools use the LSAT scores to measure the student’s knowledge. The exam measures the candidates in areas such as legal work, information management, critical thinking, reading comprehension, argumentation and reasoning.

Identifying law schools:

There are many law schools, and you need to make sure that you identify the good one. Make sure that the American Bar Association accredits the law school. Apart from your GPAs, LSAT scores, coursework, and other academic work some of the factors for the admission process include organisational affiliations, community service, recommendation letters etc.

Juris Doctor (JD):

Once you complete the Juris Doctor (JD) degree, you will be allowed to practise law in the United States of America. You need to be aware of the curriculum, faculty and the area of study before applying for this degree. You need to choose your area of expertise and the area in which you are going to practise law. Some of the options available are criminal, tax, family, property, environmental, real estate law etc.

Bar examination:

Most of the states require students who are accredited by an ABA-approved law school. They also should have cleared the bar examination to practise law in that particular state. You have to spend two days to complete your bar examination. In the first day you have to do your Multistate Bar Examination, and the second day you will have to take up a writing exam which deals with legal matters. Some of the other factors such as competence, educational background, ability to represent others, educational background are all considered before issuing a licence.

Advancing in your career:

As a lawyer, you have many opportunities to improve your career. As a fresher, you will be working as associates with the seasoned lawyers and after some time many attorneys may rise to become partners in a firm, or they will choose to start their own law office.

How Family Separation affects the couple and the children?


Family separation and divorce paves the way to potential psychological disruptions within the family. Issues such as making arrangements for the children, splitting of finances between the parents, retaining the family home, a living arrangement of children are not going to be easy. They do take a toll on the adults’ and young children’s mental health. And if not dealt with proper care and precaution people succumb to depression.

The couple generally goes through these emotional phases when they separate from their partner:

  • Non-acceptance of the fact that the relationship is damaged beyond reconciliation and the divorce is inevitable.
  • Angry with each for not been able to keep it together.
  • Guilty that they probably didn’t give enough time and space to their relationship.
  • Scared about what future holds for them after separation and divorce.
  • Grief-stricken, the couple try to vent out their frustration and uncertainty.
  • Once the couple slightly settles down with the idea that divorce is on the cards, for sure, they start looking objectively at the situation in hand and start working on sorting things out.
  • The couple then starts exploring sensible options to separate ways without causing many disruptions in their children’s

When so many things are going on in the parents’ mind and lives, it is tough for the parents to hold and protect the children as they always did to save the kids from the adversities of life.

Children go through these emotional points when they get to know their parents are separating:

  • Children may suffer low self-esteem due to the separation of their caregivers, ie, their parents.
  • They may feel a sense of loss leading to depression or other behavioural issues.
  • May get addicted to drugs in order to avoid facing the reality of their parents’ separation.
  • The children may grow up distrusting relationships.
  • May feel it all started because of them and start feeling guilty.

These emotional disturbances may subside and overcome over a period of time and with the stable and loving support of both the parents.



Children under 5 years of age may get sad and scared to know that their parents are not going to stay together and their family will not be the same again. There may be behavioural issues with their siblings or other children in the class. Nightmares, bedwetting, clinginess, separation anxiety are the commonly expressed emotional trauma of the children.

Primary school aged children may show their angst differently than the pre-schoolers. Anger and aggression are the dominant reactions in primary school goers when they get to know of separation. They may also feel unloved by their parents and start blaming themselves or the parents for putting them in such distress.

Children in pre-teens start avoiding their parents and the reality of their separation. They may cover up their emotions and start looking for substitutes as a means of avoidance. The pre-teens are just on the cusp of forming opinions and they start feeling embarrassed and let-down by their parents.

Teens are much expressive when it comes to showing their insecurity and angst. They substitute their friends for the family and try to be all-out and independent sooner. They may become rebellious or act as a father/mother figure to their younger siblings in the family.

How the children take their parents’ separation depends largely on how the news is broken to them and how the parents conduct themselves in front of the children. A hearty explanation of the warm and caring act by both parents may reduce the insecurity to a great extent.

Separation and divorce affect all the concerned drastically while demanding thoughtful ways to move-on keeping the children’s interests intact.




Some suggestions to keep separation peaceful:

  • As adults are respectful of each other even though you cannot be a normal couple as earlier.
  • Please don’t let your fear and frustration out in front of the children.
  • Make as little changes as possible in your family time and daily lives involving children.
  • Talk to children often, answering their innocent questions in a simple manner.
  • Shunning away either of the parents from the children is a disastrous idea unless there is fear any kind of abuse by the other parent.
  • Don’t let bad blood brood in the family.
  • Tell your children that as adults you are separating but as parents, you are always there for them.

I would suggest, seek professional help. You can get a couple counselling for yourself and get in touch with a child psychologist for talking it out with your child.

You can get family and child-related advice arranged by the Family Lawyers in Australia. Get the details here:

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